November Gift: 

The Most Important Word in Your Marriage

by Dr. Allen Hunt

What’s the single most important word every married couple needs to embrace? Hint: it isn’t “love.” Discover an often-forgotten yet powerful key that will strengthen the health and happiness of your marriage.  The CD will be distributed after mass before Nov. 30.

About Best Advent Ever 2017

What would it take for you to have your best Christmas ever?

Christmas is a time of hope, but during the busy holiday it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of the reason for the season. Next Advent, take an incredible journey to rediscover the gift of hope.

Join us for Best Advent Ever! Every day during Advent you’ll receive short inspirational videos, practical tips, or real-life stories that will help you experience a Christmas full of hope. Are you ready for your best Advent—and Christmas—ever?

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Blessed First Reconciliation Parent Email Program


When Dynamic Catholic (DC) set out to develop the very best First Communion and First Reconciliation programs in the world, they asked experts and volunteers on the front lines what they thought was needed. They told DC that one of the most important components to have is a resource that draws parents into the process and inspires them to make faith a priority in their own lives. That’s why DC created the Blessed Parent Email Program. This fall, parents can experience the Blessed First Reconciliation Parent Email Program. (The Blessed First Communion Parent Email program is coming soon!)

Perfect for Busy Parents

The Blessed First Reconciliation Parent Email Program is a free and easy way for busy parents to take an unforgettable adventure through the Catholic faith with their children. Every Monday for 6 weeks, parents will receive an email that corresponds with what their children are learning in the Blessed First Reconciliation program. With these emails, parents can . . .

  • Journey alongside their child as they prepare for First Reconciliation.
  • Be the primary catechist for their child.
  • Enrich their own spiritual life with a weekly Focus, Act, and Prayer.
  • Watch the same world-class animated films their children will be watching in class.
  • Access free, downloadable versions of the student workbook and leader guide.

Parents can sign up at DynamicCatholic.com/ParentProgram.

Learn what it means to be a dynamic catholic

The mission of Dynamic Catholic is to re-energize the Catholic Church in America by developing world-class resources that inspire people to rediscover the genius of Catholicism. The Catholic Community of South Baltimore is a member parish of Dynamic Catholic. Each month, your parish champion will distribute resources such as books and CDs, mass journals and prayer cards, to help you strengthen your faith. Think of it as a toolkit for your faith! Log on to dynamicccatholic.com or contact Michelle Andres at michellemandres@gmail.com to learn more.

We've already distributed a mass journal, two CDs and a book. If you did not receive one, please check the back of the church for extra copies or see Michelle Andres.

Matthew Kelly, Founder, Dynamic Catholic

We are passionate
about re-energizing
the Catholic Church.
Our story is just beginning. We hope
you will become
part of it.
— Matthew Kelly - Founder, Dynamic Catholic