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CCSB has a supply of low gluten altar breads. Though made from wheat starch and water, the hosts have a gluten content of .001%. This percentage meets the criteria for the Church that the host must be bread. If you need to receive the low gluten host, contact Fr. Josh for procedures.


The office sent nearly 110 sacramental registers to the archives of the Archdiocese at St. Mary’s Seminary. As you can imagine, our three churches, each over 150 years old, baptizing babies, marrying couples, and burying the dead, as well as keeping track of first communions and confirmations, there were countless sacramental moments. In order to preserve the history, the Archdiocese is digitizing all the records. Most of the books will return, but those whose last entry is over one hundred years old will remain in the Archives. Since the books are not on the premises for several months, in the event you need a baptismal record or any record for proof to receive another sacrament or for a governmental reason, please give the parish about three weeks’ notice. The Archive can retrieve the record but it may take time if that particular book is being digitized and/or out at the bindery for further preservation.

Lucas & Conor Hopkins

Lucas & Conor Hopkins

Lucas & Conor Hopkins Donate to CCSB Poor Box via Green Thumbs Plant Care

Lucas (7) and Conor (5) Hopkins water plants via their Green Thumbs Plant Care business. Green Thumbs charges $2 for every six plants watered. In 2018, Lucas and Conor Hopkins made more than $500. They split their earnings on buying treats and toys; savings as they both started Roth IRAs with the help of their mother; and giving money to the poor box at the Catholic Community of South Baltimore. Thank you, Lucas and Conor!  Read more about their story at


Deacon Chris Pinto has been assigned to the Catholic Community of South Baltimore just for a few weeks and then will be going with Father Carrion to St. Bernadette Parish. Chris just joined the diocese and will experience the city for June & July, then Anne Arundel County until January at which time he will be assigned the western end of the diocese for six months. Chris will help sacramentally (baptisms, weddings, preaching) as well as with other pastoral duties. He is anticipating being ordained in two years. Please introduce yourself to him.


HOLY INNOCENTS MINISTRY: This Archdiocese of Baltimore program offers services and support for families who have lost children to miscarriage. For details, call 410-547-3142 or visit the website.

BURYING THE ASHES OF THOSE CREMATED: Do you have the ashes of a cremated family member at home and are in need of an economical way to lay them to perpetual rest? The Archdiocese is initiating the Ministry of the 14th Station: Jesus is Laid in the Tomb to bury the ashes in sacred ground. The cost of the burial is $300 per deceased. For details, contact the Office of Cemetery Management at 410-547-5375 or email



Go out to dinner, runs some errands, see a movie, take care of a project around the house...we've got you covered. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday night, from 5-8 pm, your kids will be supervised by adults at Our Lady of Good Counsel Hall. Activities will be planned! Limited to 8 kids per evening. First come, first serve. Sign up the Wednesday before. For more information, contact



Archbishop Lori’s statement regarding the current crisis regarding sexual misconduct in the Church and the specific actions taken in the Baltimore Archdiocese.  
Audio (English) | Video (English)

Baltimore Sun Op Ed by Archbishop Lori: Baltimore archbishop outlines path toward reform and renewal in the Catholic Church.


The Archdiocese is hosting virtual listening sessions and Q&As. Anyone may participate in the ‘virtual town hall’ via FLOCKNOTES. Receive email/text messages by texting TOWNHALL at 84576 or join via the website archbalt/LoriTownHall. Topics discussed: Transparency, Accountability, Lay Involvement, Formation of Priests, Fairness to Victims, Sexual Abuse in the Church. For more information and resources about the archdiocesan response to the abuse crisis, including child protective information, video/audio interviews, news articles and more, visit

Child Protection Victims Assistance Line (Toll Free) 1-866-417-7469

The release of findings by the Grand Jury regarding sexual abuse by clergy in Pennsylvania and recent revelations about alleged abusive behavior by Archbishop Theodore McCarrick of Washington “are rightly a cause for anger, disillusion and pain among many in our Church,” Archbishop William E. Lori said. For a private appointment to discuss this, please contact Father Carrion at or call 410-752-8498 x1140.
Learn more:

PENNSYLVANIA GRAND JURY REPORT  (scroll down where report begins)
Letter of the Holy Father Francis to the People of God
Archbishop Lori’s statement | Archdiocese of Baltimore, Office of Child and Youth Protection: 866-417-7469

Mass cards are available in the back of each church and are an appropriate way to express sympathy for a death or to ask for a mass of healing for someone who is ill.

Sacrament of the Sick is available each Sunday for anyone anticipating a hospital visit, surgery or the like. Contact the church office the week beforehand or ask the priest celebrant as you arrive at mass to be anointed.

Archbishop's Pastorals & Reflections

The last few months, Archbishop Lori has written on very timely moral and serious issues that are part of lives as parishioners and citizens. 

Racism & Non-Violence
The Enduring Power of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Principles of Non-Violence
On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King's assassination

Dignity of Human Life
The 50th Anniversary of Pope Paul VI's landmark encyclical, "Humanae Vitae" ("Of Human Life"), is an occasion "to celebrate and revisit our human dignity and our human nature."
Note: The Thursday morning men's group is reading the encyclical and the Archbishop's reflections at 6:45am at Holy Cross Hall.

Talking about End-of-Life

Talking about end-of-life issues are often avoided until immediately confronting us. Often we are unprepared for the questions that arise, and find ourselves making difficult decisions in the midst of a crisis, without the benefit of time and reflection. Review the pastoral letter, Comfort and Consolation on care for the sick and dying, so that when illness and death inevitably come, we can face them with the comfort and peace of understanding our faith. Visit the Maryland Catholic Conference to download or order copies.