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Envelopes were distributed in support of the 2018 Annual Bishop's Appeal, Together in Mission. The appeal helps bring the Gospels to life through evangelization and through assisting the members of our community who are in need both physically and spiritually. The 2018 appeal goals are set at 9% of each parish's offertory giving for the fiscal year ending June 30. Parishes are awarded one-quarter of all funds collected up to goal, then one-half of all funds collected after their goal has been reached. Your tax-deductible contribution to the Appeal is applied to your parish's goal. Each parish is able to use rebated funds to support specific ministries and objectives of their choosing. You may make a pledge and pay in monthly installments (envelope), you may give a one-time gift (envelope) or you can make an online pledge or gift at Learn more here.  The CCSB parish goals are:

Holy Cross   $12,600    Our Lady of Good Counsel   $10,000    St. Mary, Star of the Sea   $16,100


Every year the Archbishop's annual appeal works to improve parish life, reach out to support the community and strengthen families.  With your help, the Archdiocese is able to reach more people in more areas of need as a result of your collective generosity in the Catholic Community.  The Catholic Community of South Baltimore also benefits directly from 25% of the contributions coming back to the parish for its outreach community programs.

Talking about End-of-Life

Talking about end-of-life issues are often avoided until immediately confronting us. Often we are unprepared for the questions that arise, and find ourselves making difficult decisions in the midst of a crisis, without the benefit of time and reflection. Review the pastoral letter, Comfort and Consolation on care for the sick and dying, so that when illness and death inevitably come, we can face them with the comfort and peace of understanding our faith. Visit the Maryland Catholic Conference to download or order copies.