Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Interested in becoming Catholic?

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming Catholic, please contact Lisa Reid at lisaereid@gmail.com or  410-917-2266 or Fr. Patrick Carrion at joshua.laws@archbalt.org or call 410-752-8498 ext. 1114.

RCIA classes start in September and meet weekly to learn and discuss what makes the Catholic faith rich, deep, and distinct. The process of faith formation proceeds with the liturgical year of the Church, and is punctuated throughout with rituals that bring you closer to communion with Christ and His people before culminating in reception into the Church during the Easter Vigil.

Being nervous or confused about becoming Catholic is entirely normal. Maybe you were raised Catholic and fell away from the faith, maybe you are going to marry or are married to a Catholic and are interested in exploring something that seems really important to your significant other. Feel free to contact us about upcoming RCIA sessions, even if you are not entirely sure you are ready. Faith is a journey, a road we all travel. Don't be afraid to take your first steps with us.

Q&A about RCIA