CCSB can now accept donations through Venmo! Venmo is a peer-to-peer mobile payment platform that allows users to send money on-demand from their phone or computer with just a few clicks. Our Venmo username is @CCSB9. 


electronic giving

Pink or red cards can be found at the back of the church and used to drop into the collection basket if you are an electronic donor.  Placing this card in the collection basket demonstrates that you give electronically and shows your children and others the importance of supporting the Church!


Endowment Fund

Did you know the parish has an endowment to which parishioners constantly donate? Started in July 2009, the endowment ensures ministries and pastoral care are consistently funded in South Baltimore. Please consider making a donation. As of May 2018: 

$492,340.41 (donations) + $174,850.53 (investments) = $667,190.94 (total current endowment)


One of our goals in FY18 is to increase the number of MATCHING GIFTS we receive from parishioner’s employers. Thank you—we have two more! If your employer does not support religious entities, we do have a Tuition Assistance Program and our facilities are used throughout each week for community based programs: Narcotics Anonymous, Neighborhood Association Meetings, Boy Scouts, Quilting Circle and two schools. Ask your HR department to search their databases for our Fed ID numbers: Holy Cross: 52-0591476 | St. Mary: 52-0635089 | OLGC: 52-0591624

Volunteer your time

Volunteer opportunities at CCSB are multi–fold. Maybe you just moved in and want to get involved, or your schedule allows for a few hours here and there. If you are interested, please contact Fr. Carrion for opportunities or interest in the areas below or others:

  • LITURGY - lectors and ushers, Eucharistic ministers are always helpful!
  • LAUNDRY - altar linens: purificators, corporals and towels for OLGC.
  • VAN - to pick up those who can’t drive Saturdays 5:30 and Sundays 9:00.
  • REL. EDUC TEACHERS- Monday nights 6:15-7:30 this fall at OLGC.

Raise money for CCSB with everyday purchases



You can generate donations for the Catholic Community of South Baltimore when you buy items on Amazon.  Click on the picture to link to our page!


As you are able and willing to contribute financially, you can do so in several ways:

  • Weekly in the offertory basket at mass
  • By credit card (one time or regularly scheduled)
  • From your checking account through EFT direct drafts,
  • Through the parish Poor Box and other special collections at mass.