youth ministry

Children in 6th - 12th grades gather monthly at one of the three parishes that make up the Catholic Community of South Baltimore. The program is designed to be an extension of our parish religious education program for children in K-5th grades and builds on the core tenets of the faith taught to our younger children. 

The focus of the youth ministry program is on building a communal learning experience that balances sacrament and service while providing a forum for middle and high school aged kids to engage their faith at an age appropriate level. The activities are intended to foster a deeper understanding of faith while spending time with one's peers.

To register your 6th - 12th grader for our Youth Ministry program, please submit the Registration Form. To be put on the contact and email list, please email Fr. Patrick Carrion.

Note: If your family has chosen not to have your child participate in the parish religious education program, please notify the parish so that we may assist in resourcing you with catechetical material. 

Have You Met Him?

This year-long retreat for students in grades 6-12 is designed to discover Jesus through the Sacred Sites of Baltimore.

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The Chapel of St. Mary’s Seminary (Oct. 15th session)

The chapel contains altogether eighty-one stained glass windows designed and executed by the Max Ingrand studio in Paris. Later, Ingrand also designed the windows for the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. The twelve windows in the nave, Palladian in shape and comprising four elements, all emphasize the life and ministry of Christ as well as the ministry of the priest.  

Children in grades 6 and up are encouraged to participate in this year-long retreat as they work toward the Sacrament of Confirmation.