Cemetery Survey

General Information
(eg. Holy Cross Parish )
Cemetery Mailing Address
Cemetery Mailing Address
Cemetery Physical Address *
Cemetery Physical Address
Contact Person
Contact Person
Cemetery Phone
Cemetery Phone
Property Information
( this is the full cemetery throughout cemetery's history)
Does the cemetery allow 2 bodies per grave?
( double deep)
Burial defined in all ways ( in ground, columbarium)
Does the Parish allow non parishioners to be buried in the cemetry?
Places of Final Disposition
State the various options that are available presently
Does a columbarium exist in the cemetery?
If a Columbarium does not exist is there any property for one?
If there is property, any interest in constructing one?
List any buildings which are used predominantly for the cemetery:
Are there any vehicles or machinery devoted primarily to the cemetery?
State the vehicles/machinery primartly used for cemetery:
(primarily: 40% or more of work time is dedicated to cemetery)
Does the cemetery outsource any of its needs?
Financial Section
( lot sales, openings, memorials sales etc)
State any revenue generated other than selling lots or niches
If no to any or all of the above, would the cemetery be interested in doing so to increase revenue?
( resources and assistance would be offered to support the endeavor)
Perpetual Care
Does your cemetery have a perpetual care fund?
If Yes, is it in a legally established perpetual care account?
(i.e. principal can not be withdrawn, only the interest)
List all the places where the perpetual care funds are deposited
Does the cemetery presently use any of the principle or interests from the fund for operation expenses?
Would you like a representative from the Catholic Community Foundation to assist you in establishing a perpetual care fund or transferring your present funds in an endowed perpetual care fund?
( even a small amount of money can start a fund)
Future Endeavors
Are there any plans or desire to develop the cemetery further?
Would you be interested in exploring options for cost sharing of expenses with other local parish cemeteries to reduce expenses?
(e.g. lawn cutting, personnel, equipment, etc)
Would you be interested in exploring with the Office of Cemetery Management the diverse options for final disposition ( full body burial, mausoleum, columbarium) to assure that each region of the diocese is providing these options to our Catholic parishioners?
(sharing equipment or personnel, same vendors for lawn service for example for economy of scale)
(e.g. work regionally with other parish cemeteries, have a central number where cemetery calls are directed, etc. etc.)
The Office is considering a software package which tracks cemetery information ( similar to how Parish Soft is a data base for registered parishioners). Would your parish be interested in participating in this endeavor?
( no commitment at this point, only seeking openness and desire to pursue)